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Biblical Partnership

There is a Biblical principle of partnership, whereby people are called to join themselves to a work that God is doing. Both parties benefit from this spiritual relationship. We have examples throughout the Bible of people who were divinely connected for the purpose of bringing a supply, and receiving a supply from the ministry.

The concept of partnership might best be seen in the New Testament in the word fellowship. The Greek word translated fellowship is koinonia, and it means a joint participation – two or more parties partaking of the same thing. Notice that the words participation, partake, and partnership all include the word part. Scriptural partnership always involves doing a part and receiving a part.

Over the years, Amy and I have endeavored to be faithful partners, regularly supporting those ministries that God had led us to. In each case, our partnership has brought great blessing to our lives. God would see to it that we were partakers of the anointing and wisdom that was on the lives of the people He had joined us to. I can’t tell you what precious help we have received from these ministries, and I know it has much to do with the fact that we responded to God’s leading to be connected with them in partnership.

Who should have partners?

I do not believe that it is necessary for every traveling ministry to have a base of partners. It’s easy to place a donation tab on a website, but we must make sure we are doing it because it’s God’s idea, not our own. Ministries should really only emphasize partnership if the Lord directs them to. It’s always important to be careful and have right motives where money is concerned.

In establishing our traveling ministry, I had no intention of mentioning partnership because God had not directed me in that area. However, while traveling on an airplane recently, God did begin to speak to me about this subject. I was quietly praying about the work God had set before us when He said, “I’m calling partners to help you get the job done.” It is for that reason, and that reason alone, that this area is on our website. When it’s His plan, it makes all the difference!

The local church comes first

Some people give offerings and even tithes to ministries like ours, but don’t properly support their own local church and pastor. Always give first to your local church. Your whole tithe should go there. Your first and best offerings should go to take care of your local church and your pastor, because that is by far your most important spiritual relationship. Only after you have been faithful to your church should you consider partnering with a ministry like ours.

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What your partnership helps us accomplish

Partnership brings a precious supply to our ministry. Most precious to us is the faith, love, and prayers of God’s people. Our partner’s financial support is a big deal too, because the Lord has given us a big vision to accomplish. Here are some of the things your support helps us with:

  1. International ministryIt is strong on our heart to take the move of God to the nations, and we have invitations to minister in churches and Bible Schools overseas. Our partners, who send us around the world, offset the costs of international travel.
  2. Ministering in smaller churchesPioneering a church is a task that requires a big supply of faith, and we know what it’s like to feel as though faith is stretched to the limit. Sometimes pastors would like to have guest ministers in, but the thought of the expenses can seem overwhelming to them. Our partners help us go to some of these young, growing churches where great spiritual deposits are made, and everyone is blessed and refreshed.
  3. Supporting other ministriesAs pastors, we made sure our church was a giving church. We loved the ministries our church partnered with, and rejoiced at how fruitful they were. It is our desire to continue to support these missionaries and ministries, while at the same time stretching out and doing even more. It is our future goal to substantially support church planting efforts, as the Lord leads us.
  4. Sending ministry products where they need to goOur books, audio teaching, and music can go where we cannot. As the Lord leads, we want to be able to send ministry materials overseas, translate our books into other languages, and see change come to the lives of people we will never meet.

If you are interested in partnering with Joel & Amy Siegel Ministries, please click on the ‘Partner Now’ button above.

How partnership benefits you

Paul had several churches that his ministry had established. Some of them were what we could call “high-maintenance” churches, like the church at Corinth. That church required a lot of his time and energy. Other churches were low-maintenance. They didn’t just draw on all of Paul’s resources; they had grown, and learned how to minister back to him.

The church at Philippi was one such church. They took their partnership with Paul seriously, and he was careful to let them know that it was not just a one-sided relationship.

Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. Phil 4:17 (KJV)

How did fruit (results and rewards) abound to their account? It flowed to them in many ways. Of course, increase would come to them financially, as they reaped a harvest from their seed sown. But partnership brings more than financial results. Their special connection to him also brought a spiritual harvest to their lives – a flow of revelation, and a supply of the Spirit.

Their obedience to partner with Paul has eternally blessed the world, for that divine connection brought about the writing of the book of Philippians. Had Philippians never been written, you and I would never know that My God shall supply all my needs, according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus. It was all because of partnership, and great things will happen in our day, and in the days and years that follow, as we respond to God’s call to be a partner.

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