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Preach-1Joel Siegel is available to minister at your church or event. He has well over 20 years experience in full-time ministry, giving him the maturity, spiritual skills, and insight to be a great blessing to your congregation.

Here are a few recent comments from pastors:

Thank you so much for coming to minister for us. Words are not enough to express the gratitude in my heart to you for yielding to the Lord while you were here. The ministry on Saturday night was awesome. Sunday was glorious. Both words shared were impacting and pivotal for our ministry. I certainly look forward to the Lord making a way for you to come back to us.
Pastor Kayode Tadese
Cleveland, OH

THANK YOU for coming to share your gifts with our people. Your willingness to come even for a smaller crowd speaks volumes about your integrity and your call. Thank you. We were so blessed and our people loved you and received from you so well. They were all talking about the ministry tonight at church. We will definitely be sharing with others about your ministry.
Pastors Sam & Sharon Bradham
Brevard, NC


Joel and Amy are seasoned and capable ministers. Together they boldly demonstrate the gospel in music, word and power. Their ministry would be a fresh renewing to any congregation.
Pastor Jim Dumont
Erie, PA

What a blessing it was to have Joel and Amy Siegel minister to our church family. They brought a word in season to our congregation and refreshed us with songs from heaven. As they ministered to the sick and moved with the pulse of the Holy Spirit, many were helped. We look forward to having them return again for another visit.
Pastor John Fraser
Long Island, NY

Thank you for coming and blessing our church family. Everyone we talked with felt that these were some of the most anointed meetings that we have ever had. There was an air of excitement in our people that hadn’t been there for some time. Our Nursery Dept. Head told us that during your time of ministry, she was totally healed of a very serious back injury which had plagued her for some time. Praise the Lord! We pray that doors will be opening across our nation and around the world with ministry opportunities for you and Amy.
Pastor Jim & Nancy Smith
Lompoc, CA


Joel Siegel has a genuine heart to build up the local church.  He understands the perspective of a pastor, and ministers accordingly. Rev. Siegel’s ministry would be a blessing to any congregation.
Pastor Jim Preston
Andover, MA

I sincerely recommend Joel Siegel’s ministry for your church. Professional in every way, he will quickly locate the spiritual level of your congregation and bring them up higher. He is an articulate, compassionate, and anointed man of God. The lasting value of his ministry is being felt with us to this day. I appreciate Rev. Siegel and trust him with my congregation.
Pastor Andrew Hemstrought
Portland, ME

This past January, Rev. Joel Siegel ministered at our church in Toronto, Canada. His ministry brought a strong flow of revelation from the Word, mixed with a bold expression of the move of the Spirit. Our people, months later, still talk about that service and the impact it had on them. I would highly recommend Rev. Siegel’s ministry to your church. He is an established minister with many years of experience. His preaching is doctrinally sound, and he will leave your church marked by the Word and the Spirit. He is a traveling minister that every church should have!
Pastor Craig Field
Mississauga, ON

Rev. Joel Siegel ministered a timely and anointed word to our people in a series of meetings in May. We were so excited about it – the message was without a doubt a Word from God for the entire Body of Christ. Joel not only brings a vital message for this time, but he is also sensitive to the Holy Spirit, flowing in the gifts and ministering healing with a strong anointing. We believe he will minister to you and your people and help them tap into the flow of the Spirit in these last days.
Pastors Sam & Sharon Bradham
Brevard, NC

Rev. Siegel brings a refreshing word and powerful testimony that is sure to bring revival to any church congregation. As a man of integrity and godly character, I would trust him in my pulpit any time. I especially appreciate his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and his willingness to obey the promptings of God. I look forward to having him back to my church again.
Pastor Tim Stahlman
Jamestown, NY

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